Aiwoods' business is divided into three business segments, the services of which we provide to companies, municipalities and development companies.

Our focus areas are development projects, concepts and circular economy.

In development projects, we innovate and implement solutions comprehensively from ideas, design, project management, funding to implementation and reporting. Each project is designed according to the customer's needs and in the desired service package. We carry out development projects related to data, digitalisation, energy, the environment and the circular economy, combining different expertises. During the planning phase of the project, we will explore different funding channels and help you choose the funding that best suits each project.

In concepts, we develop smart areas and buildings. In the concepts of the built environment, we combine automation technology, network connections, sensors and data with cloud solutions and design digital, green areas such as industrial areas.

In the circular economy business area, we have designed our own modular products made from surplus material. Through the window openings of the CLT elements, we have designed a spectacular charging station for electric cars and planting basins located in parks and on asphalt. We also help our customers to find materials related to the circular economy as raw materials or to find useful use for the side stream or waste generated by production.